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How App Clips can simplify the user experience for your mobile app.


With App Clips you make individual functions of your native mobile app spontaneously accessible to your users without having to install the app first. There is even no need for time-consuming onboarding. App Clips are therefore particularly suitable for services for which registration or a detailed user profile is a prerequisite for use.

App Clips can greatly increase the number of new users for transactional apps because features like Apple Pay are fully supported. This allows your customers to make a spontaneous purchase without having to enter personal data in the app beforehand. Apple acts as an intermediary in this situation without incurring any commission fees.


Opportunities for app marketing

App Clips are the connecting link from the spontaneous first customer contact to the returning user of your mobile app. If app clips are designed correctly, they put the spontaneous customer need at the center. An app clip is programmed natively. This means that it can also receive push messages. However, only in a time window of about 8 hours. But this window of opportunity can be cleverly used to move the spontaneous contact from the app clip to the full version of your app, turning the first contact into a loyal user of your mobile app. App Clips can be triggered via various sources. These can be perfectly integrated into the touchpoints of your marketing activities or into the user journey of your customers.



10x faster app onboarding:


Using the example of a Microscooter app, the video comparison clearly shows how much an onboarding process can be shortened:



Perform spontaneous transactions with App Clips:


The sample video shows how easily a shopping app clip can be accessed via an NFC tag, allowing users to purchase goods without installation.


App Clip enable accessible use of an app:


For Burri Public Elements AG we developed “SMARTstop”, a mobile app with AppClip functionality. The App Clip ensures barrier-free and target group-oriented onboarding.

View Case Study


Here’s how to incorporate app clips into your mobile marketing:

  • NFC tags (contactless)
  • QR codes
  • Apple Codes (Custom Visual Code)
  • App banner via Safari browser
  • Links in news
  • Location maps in Apple Maps


These are the advantages of using App Clips:

  • Fast new customer acquisition for existing apps
  • Simple optimization of the on-boarding process of existing apps
  • Easy distribution of marketing apps or promotion apps or similar.
  • Transactional apps or m-commerce apps without credit cards
  • Make IOT apps temporarily accessible without a download