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UX Design UX Writing UX Review for mobile apps

We do UX design & UX writing for mobile apps. For your mobile app, we develop a user experience that your users will love. With intuitive mobile design and user-guided interaction texts, we make sure that your users not only know where to go, but also like to come back. We are a UX design agency specialized in mobile solutions, with the mission to turn your users into loyal fans of your brand.


Data-based coaching on medication adherence.

An eHealth app that combines data visualization and mobile design in an intuitive user experience. With the goal of improving treatment adherence.

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Gamification and
UX writing make you hungry for more.

Collect a few loyalty points at dinner and grab a bargain coupon on the streetcar. With the best loyalty app in Switzerland.

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A mobile solution for fun shopping experiences.

The mobile store radar playfully shows customers the way to the promotional offer. The associated mobile marketing campaign can be configured directly in the internal portal.

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Capture symptoms via mobile app thanks to optimal UX design & UX writing.
In just 15 seconds.

The resiliently optimized user experience enables symptom reporting to be captured inertly in the shortest possible time. Analyzing the mobile dashboard is easy and thus promotes communication in the consultation conversation.

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Urgent or not? The need determines the user experience.

When all Swiss pharmacies are lumped together, the result is an all-round user-centric healthcare offering with an innovative mobile design.

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Barrier-free user experience at bus and streetcar stops

Combining beacons, app clip and an interface optimized for VoiceOver, this mobile app solves the challenges of visually impaired people at local stops.

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