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Why Gotomo?

For us, “mobile” is not a side dish – but the main course.

We are a UX design provider that understands the unique challenges of mobile design. For a successful user experience, we consider all factors that could be responsible for the later success of your mobile app. Onboarding, marketing, deployment location or relation to other touchpoints have a big impact on UX design. For example, we pay great attention to the context of use and new technologies. In order for us to design a great user experience for your mobile app, we will first ask you many questions.

Good cooperation with the development team

Our designs are well structured and documented to ensure smooth collaboration with the development team. Our software understanding helps to find solutions in dialog.

Technology & IoT KnowHow

The mobile experience is one piece of the puzzle of a larger journey. We’re looking at how the latest technologies could be used to connect the puzzle pieces. With different IoT sensors or with app clips we design a seamless and accessible user experience for your app.

We look through business glasses

We look at your project as if it were our start-up. This view helps to avoid capital errors in thinking. We look through both glasses: the user glasses and the business glasses. This way, money is not spent on unnecessary functions.

There are three ways you can leverage our UX expertise:


UX Full Service

Project-related: We work with you in an agency relationship. Our internal UX team works closely with you on your project. And of course, hand in hand with your development team.


Rent a UX-ler

Temporary assignment with you: we provide you with a suitable UX designer, UX architect or UX copywriter. For your on-site or remote team. At a fair hourly rate. Depending on the duration of the assignment and responsibility.


UX Feeback Sessions

Point-by-point review: We support you with a selective UX expert review. This valuable outside perspective gives you feedback on your app idea, wireframes, mockups or prototypes. One-time, monthly or per sprint. Just as you like.

Let’s do something great together.

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