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Preloaded generative AI is the booster for new app concepts.


Chip manufacturer Qualcomm brings generative AI pre-installed on hardware. Here you can find an article about the planned integration: Link to the article

This will enable completely new concepts for mobile apps. Preloaded generative AI, will make it possible to transform public content into personalized content in real time. Without cloud. Directly on the Device.
For example:
-> In a pharmacy store, I am only shown those medications that do not cause an interaction with my current mediplan.

-> In a recipe app, all recipes are “rewritten” for me in real time. Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Vegan etc.

Existing app owners should start looking at the issue now and drafting possible cases. For new app startups, incredible opportunities for new concept approaches are opening up. We will be happy to help you.

Here are some ideas on how to use generative AI for your app. However, the most exciting thing is certainly to build a kind of “filter” for existing apps. For example, a theme filter: “Cooking Recipe Filter App”.

  • Personal Virtual Assistant: App for a personal assistant that uses generative AI to give you personalized recommendations, reminders, and assistance with tasks based on your behavior and preferences.
  • Customized fitness and nutrition app: fitness and nutrition app that uses generative AI to create personalized workout plans and meal suggestions tailored to your fitness goals and diet preferences.
  • Educational Tutoring App: educational app that uses generative AI to customize learning materials and quizzes based on your progress and learning style for a personalized learning experience.
  • AI-driven navigation: navigation app that uses generative AI to give you real-time navigation instructions and recommendations, such as the best routes, points of interest, and traffic updates.
  • AI-driven e-commerce shopping: e-commerce app that gives you personalized shopping recommendations and virtual try-on experiences, thanks to generative AI that knows your style preferences.
  • AI-driven telemedicine: telemedicine app that uses generative AI to enable virtual doctor-patient consultations. AI can help doctors diagnose medical problems, suggest treatment options, and create personal health reports for you.
  • Medication management app: build an app that helps you manage your medications effectively. The app uses generative AI to create personalized medication plans, give reminders for dosing, and generate educational content about the medications you’re taking.
  • Medical Content Generator: An app that generates personalized medical content for you. This could include explanations of medical procedures, plans for recovery after surgery, or dietary recommendations based on your specific health condition.
  • AI-driven Symptom Checker: Symptom Checker app that uses generative AI to help you identify potential health issues based on reported symptoms. She can give you advice about whether you need medical help.
  • Health Education and News: E-health education app that generates personalized health articles, news updates and videos based on your health interests and concerns. This can help you stay up to date on your specific health needs.