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eHealth Symptom Diary for Reflux Patients

Together with Takeda’s gastroenterology team, we developed a mobile app that makes it easy to monitor reflux symptoms.

Compared to most PPI drugs, Takeda has developed a drug that delivers its active ingredients in two staggered units in the body. This causes a significant improvement in discomfort during the night. The UX design of the Reflux Tracker eHealth app is therefore designed to track the development of symptoms during the day and during the night separately.

UX Writing in the Language of Patients.

When creating the information content, as well as the names of the reporting elements, we paid attention to user-centric language. The description of the symptoms can therefore be grasped intuitively and quickly. How do you describe a pain? Exactly, without technical jargon.

Meaningful reporting in just 15 seconds.

The UX architecture of the eHealth app is built as a symptom diary. The interaction elements are used in such a way that patients can record their state of mind in just a few clicks. The time required to enter a reporting unit is only 15 seconds. Observation cycles of 10 days record information on general health, prescription medications, dietary categories, and supplemental OTC medications. The main feature is the separate recording of day and night sensitivity and the recording of a therapy change. In the case of taking and observing Dexilant, this allows for striking visualization of the USP. An improvement during the night is clearly shown.

All recorded data is visualized in clear graphics and helps the patient and physician to get a quick overview of the symptom progression. The visualized data can be transferred to a PDF and sent after the initial 10-day period. This step must be triggered by the user himself. And is also the only way to share the data. This is because all data is stored exclusively on the user device. No cloud. No database. No risk.

“It’s not just an app but part of a product service system with clear added value for patients, physicians and pharmaceutical manufacturers. “

Mike weber

Jury Member “Mobile Business Award”, University of St.Gallen

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Physician information via HIN mail.
Directly from the app.

All reporting data is visualized on a mobile dashboard in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Patients can share this data with their healthcare professional during the consultation. Also available as printable PDF.

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