WEMF AG for Advertising Media Research

A smart comparison app for print publications.

WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung is a neutral and independent organization concerned with industry research in the media and advertising market. By providing relevant strategic and tactical data, it supports market participants in their decision-making. The new “Facts & Figures” mobile app visualizes data from over 815 publications and serves as a smart reference tool for professionals. Clear graphics and an intuitive user experience make the mobile app an easy-to-use tool.

Mobile App Design provider in zurich.
Mobile App Design provider in zurich

The appropriate chart form for each piece of information.

Each publication has its own dashboard where all relevant data is available. Professionals have the possibility to compare up to five publications with each other and thus simplify their media planning. The app design and visualization of the datasets has been specifically optimized for user-friendly analysis on the smartphone. In particular, for the comparison charts, a function has been implemented to display a single data set in three different levels of information. In doing so, the user experience is not compromised, but on the contrary improved.

Mobile App development company in zurich
Mobile App Design provider in zurich
Mobile App UX Design for dashboard

Mobile interface design with a strong brand reference.

Both the general design of the app and the details of the UI elements used were specifically selected and derived from the existing brand identity of WEMF AG. The visual design concept is based on the organic feel of the brand logo with its distinctive curves and was taken as a starting point.

Mobile App für Branchen Primus WEMF AG
App Design with strong branding focus for WEMF AG
App design inspired by brand elements

“Gotomo’s expertise in presenting complex data in an understandable way and a modern design led to an excellent result for us. “

Dr. Marc Sele

Executive Director of Data and Tools, WEMF AG

Targeted microinteractions support positive user experience, for example, by providing visual feedback with each interaction. In order to be able to optimally present the information about a specific publication during a meeting, an optimized landscape format display can be selected in the publication dashboard. This hides superfluous UI elements and enlarges the chart elements.

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