User experience design as a mobile marketing booster.

The MySwisscom app is a popular and frequently used information tool among Swisscom customers. A wide range of Swisscom services can be accessed or configured directly in the app. Together with the newly developed mobile store radar and a well thought-out user experience, the app became part of a successful mobile marketing campaign.

The goal: to bring customers to the POS and generate more app downloads at the same time.

To the POS or to the online store?
No matter. Simply react quickly!

The most important role in the campaign was the user experience. For the homepage of the “MySwisscom” app, a banner with a countdown was designed, indicating that there are only 48 hours left to benefit from the offer. Users could redeem the offer either in the mobile store or in the nearest Swisscom store.

And to ensure that the next Swisscom store could be found immediately under time pressure, a store radar was used as a playful element that dynamically showed the user the way to the discount offer, accurate to the meter.

The combination of scarcity and gamification resulted in a conversion rate of 24%.

Configure your own Shop-Radar campaign with clear usability and just a few clicks.

A mobile marketing order portal was developed for adapting the Shop Radar campaigns to other mobile promotions. Internal product managers can configure their own campaign for your products with just a few clicks. From entering the SMS text to the details for the Swisscom store location, the clear “wizzard” design simplifies the ordering process.

“With the Mobile Shop Radar, Gotomo has developed an innovative mobile marketing tool for us that can be easily adapted for further campaigns.”

Björn Wiese

Head of Customer Interactions Marketing, Swisscom AG

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