Thanks to innovative mobile experience solutions, we develop apps with future.

Currently, the mobile phone is the most important touchpoint for response-oriented interactions. Possibilities range from the mobile app, to Wi-Fi marketing, to mobile chatbots. But which is the right mobile marketing tool for your company and your strategy?

With our many years of mobile expertise, we understand your customers’ smartphone behaviour and use it to develop mobile services and applications.

Mobile app development

During app development, we focus on seamless integration into your online marketing strategy as early as during the design phase. So that your app does not become an island solution, we rely on design sprints and continuously collect feedback from future users by means of early prototypes. In doing so, we guarantee a user-centric mobile app with added value and an outstanding user experience. Because downloads are less valuable than returning users.

App marketing

Bad or dishonest self-promotion on any app store will soon backfire. Every fifth app is deleted after 30 seconds. Based on your mobile strategy, we use ASO (app store optimisation) to ensure your mobile app has an effective presence.

Mobile strategy

Mobile (strategy) first! Your mobile presence should add value for your customers and to your business. We analyse your situation and advise on the optimal course of action.

Wi-Fi marketing

Whether temporarily for an event or permanently at the POS. Wi-Fi marketing is location-based marketing that does not require much technical effort and is low cost. What is more, your brand enjoys the user’s full attention on a Wi-Fi landing page. We work with a cloud-based administration panel and can change the Wi-Fi network name or the entire contents of the landing page in minutes «over the air». This design offers maximum flexibility and creativity.

Mobile chatbot & Alexa skills

Chatbots and voice assistant applications can be jointly referred as conversational interfaces. These spoken user interfaces offer service-oriented added value to your customers thanks to their intelligent speech recognition software. Your company is accessible around the clock, and you can answer questions about products or deliveries without waiting times.

Location-based with beacon

Contact your target group as soon as it approaches a defined object or location of your choice. Placing so-called iBeacons lets you connect with your target audience at a precisely defined location with an app push notification. For example, in the vicinity of your shop or exhibition stand, or a specific poster site.

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