Better adherence to therapy through visualized data.

50% of medicines are not taken correctly. Even trivial behavioral errors can reduce or even neutralize the effect of a drug.

With Medinspect, we designed an eHealth app that uses user-centered UX design to guide medication-taking behavior and improve treatment adherence. The focus was on calculating treatment adherence and visualizing intake behavior.

Medinspect is changing the current patient journey in favor of pharmacies.

The mobile app calculates the deviations based on the specifications in the package insert and the actual intake and visualizes them in easy-to-understand charts. On a mobile dashboard, patients can view their intake behavior themselves or discuss this with a pharmacy specialist for the purpose of correcting behavior.

To ensure that we could achieve a positive user experience despite complex data, we defined a color code for all data segments and interaction elements that could be applied to all data visualizations and graphics. Patients can thus find their way around the mobile app very quickly and see whether they have taken their medication in the right dose, at the right time and in the right food combination.

In the UI of the mobile app, additional small design details ensure that uncertainties and fears are eliminated. For example, with a greatly simplified version of the package leaflet or the comprehensible explanation of what a particular medication must be taken for.

“Implementing the charts was a great challenge. The mix of technical complexity and appealing data visualization was best solved with Flutter.”

Tobias Wyss

Flutter Engineer, Project Medinspect

The mobile dashboard as a conversation starter for telepharmacy consultations.

Data visualization of intake behavior can be discussed directly with a pharmacy professional via smartphone. No data is sent from the mobile app in this case. Fee-based drug counseling takes place via a video call with screen sharing.