With a good user experience architecture, we ensure the success of your digital application

Mobile apps and other digital products need to inspire people from start to finish with compelling features and intuitive usage. This aspiration is only satisfied by a well-conceived user experience (UX) concept and a clearly understandable user interface design (UI).

A good user experience in connection with the use of mobile apps and web applications is the most important element for successful digital marketing and good retention in the online sphere. That is why, when developing mobile applications and digital interfaces, we use methods that significantly facilitate and accelerate the achievement of business goals in the digital world – for example, an empirically based user experience design concept with positive modelling of typical customer journeys and use cases.

At gotomo, an experienced team of UX and interaction designers develops mobile apps and web applications that are user-centric and set up to offer clear added value for the user.

Thanks to our services in the field of user experience research, you can gain insight into the behaviour of your target group and draw the right conclusions from this. With UX consulting and UX research, we build the principle for a focused creative process. This also includes information that we obtain from surveys, interviews and observations in relation to the target group.

The data sets that are generated form the basis for the actual user experience design concept. In order to get a realistic representation of your users, we create personas: typical representatives of the most important target groups, with their challenges, wishes and pain points. We model storyboards and user stories and organise realistic usability tests in a simulated test environment. The result is convincing digital products that will excite your users.

Before we concern ourselves with the look-and-feel (UI design), that is, the appearance of the product, we devote ourselves to the UX design (user experience design). UX design goes far beyond the usability and interaction design of a product. On top of the strict usage phase, touch points before, during and after use are also thoroughly analysed and designed.


  • UX research
  • Usability testing
  • UX/usability expert review
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User journey mapping
  • Style guides

Areas of application

  • Mobile apps
  • Websites and online shops
  • Intranet and office applications
  • Touchscreens / digital signage
  • Terminals and machines
  • Household appliances with an interface
  • Industrial applications with an interface

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