With user testing, we provide answers regarding the acceptance and intelligibility of your digital products.


Our user tests can be carried out during any phase of a project – from the first prototype right through to when the app or software is already published. The usability tests show you how your future users interact with your application and what complications they encounter while handling it. This way, design and development teams can identify problems and improve the user experience before complex programming steps are undertaken.


During a usability test, current or potential users carry out specified tasks in your software or in your prototypes. All test subjects go through the same test scenarios. Additional interviews and questionnaires provide extra insights that help you to further develop and optimise your mobile app, website or software. The test subjects must correspond to the future user group exactly in order for you to be able to extract the right insights. When it comes to medical products or services related to medication, especially, “real” users are crucial for relevant results. We can recruit test subjects who are precisely tailored to your needs, thus ensuring valuable results.

Using simple paper prototypes, we answer questions about the functionality of your planned mobile app in a cost-effective way before the design process even starts.
Our observations during early ergonomics tests form an important basis for the interface design of your large touchscreens and digital signage.
Usability testing with people with disabilities is essential for products in public spaces. This way, we ensure accessibility without compromise.
By means of online tools, for example, using heat maps, we are able to provide answers as to whether your website or online shop has any weak points.


Depending on the requirements, our usability testing is carried out at the future application location (e.g., train station or hospital) or in a staged laboratory situation. All testing is supervised and recorded by a moderator and an observer.

The benefits for you

  • Early acceptance check
  • Fewer support queries
  • Arguments to put in front of management
  • Remedy conversion problems
  • Gain an outside-in perspective of your system
  • No unnecessary features
  • You get a clear requirements for your (re)programming

Areas of application

  • Mobile apps
  • Websites and online shops
  • Intranet and office applications
  • Medical technology
  • Terminals and machines
  • Household appliances with an interface
  • Industrial applications with an interface

We reveal the needs of your users for you using the following tools:


Would you like to test a product vision or a new feature before you invest in development? Our prototyping experts create clickable prototypes based on wireframes or design specifications that simulate the future user experience in a deceptively real way. Without a single line of code. Even a paper prototype can reveal some initial misconceptions.

Qualitative testing

When it comes to qualitative tests, customer satisfaction takes priority on all levels. Using a range of effective tools, our experts identify the needs of your users by making personal contact, and enable you to maximise the potential of your product.

You will receive personal test results from around 5 test subjects per day of testing.

Quantitative testing

If you want to investigate the behaviour of users in your app or on your website on a broad scale, online testing is suitable. You can compare different layouts and navigation structures with the aid of methods such as on-site analytics, heat maps or A/B testing.

You will receive test results from more than 200 people over a period of approximately one week.

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