We use service design to lead you to user-oriented service concepts and services.

From recognising a challenge, to designing solutions, to implementing the final service or product, there can be many forks in the road. We rely on service design so that decisions made during this process are always user-centric. Service design not only encompasses the development of new service concepts, but also covers the processes and organisational models within companies. It constitutes an interface between business, marketing, design and technology. And takes account of the customer perspective – without compromise.

We confront your business’ current challenges with new technologies and trends and generate possible solutions in the form of prototypes, which are tested as early as possible with future user groups.

The advantage for you: you realise whether a project is worth pursuing early on. In doing so, we proceed in a structured manner and, depending on the starting point, rely on the following tools and methods:

Observations and interviews

In order to develop good solutions, we need to focus on the user and his or her needs. In order to understand the user, we conduct interviews and make observations. To do this, we draw up observation guidelines based on several observation techniques. We record the data collected using storytelling, to make the impressions accessible to all persons involved. Based on this information, we create personas, which include formulated viewpoints. In a further step, collected transcripts are analysed by means of axial coding to derive relevant phenomena for the respective personas.

Personas and customer journey mapping

At the centre of a customer journey, there is always a person and his or her needs, which must be assessed and put in chronological order. In the first step, we jointly define with you which personas the journeys should be created for, and along which touch-points. The second step provides information about the behaviour and needs of personas. Based on the collected data, we create customer journeys for your personas with the aid of framework visualisation.

Ideation and prototyping

Our approach to product development is based on the design thinking process. In particular, we rely on creativity and evaluation techniques to give us a large number of ideas and different perspectives on solutions. Prototypes enable a cost-effective and efficient way to visualise ideas early on and turn them into something that can be experienced in the initial user tests. Their ease of use makes it possible to reconsider prototypes at any time, or even completely discard them and to start over. User feedback is recorded via usability and user testing based on various methods. You can find out more about user testing here. →


  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Ideation workshops
  • Service prototyping
  • User testing

What you gain

  • No investments in pipe dream ideas or products that will not be used later.
  • Service concepts that are based on a need.

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