Like this you can easily optimize your mobile app with remote usability testings.

With Remote Usability Testing you receive valuable feedback for your mobile apps. The test persons are comfortably at home in their familiar environment. Especially with UX testing, the greatest challenge in remote testing is to observe and successfully survey the test subjects during and after testing. With a few technical tricks, however, this can be successfully mastered.

Option 1: Live Streaming

Look Back is a good example of a complete solution for home testing. Via the streaming console, you and your team members can follow the testing in real time, ask interposed questions, moderate or comment. Just like in the lab. Only independent of location. With Screen-Recording you record the testings for analysis. These applications are also ideal for remote usability testing of websites or web-based applications.

With tools such as “Look Back” we have full control over the test procedures and ensure results and a successful optimization of your app or website. (Image source: Look Back)

Option 2: Recording and eye tracking

If you want to test a larger number of users – but still with a qualitative approach – choose the path with emotion tracking or eye tracking. The test subject starts the application to be tested from a special app. This app then records the image of the user via the internal mobile phone camera. The video image is analyzed by two algorithms. Thus, the movement of the gaze and the emotion can be measured simultaneously.

The camera captures the user’s face during testing and analyzes their eye movement and facial expressions. (Image source: UXReality)

6 tips on how to properly prepare your Remote User Testing:

Using tools detached from experience or the appropriate preparation can lead to frustrating experiences. So here are a few valuable tips on how to lay the foundation for successful app optimization:

1. define test goals

Clear objectives lead to clear and measurable results.
Do you have “suspicions” about possible weaknesses of your product?
To do: Formulate three bullet points with hoped-for “learnings

2. select test method

Depending on your defined goal, a different test method is used:
UX testing or usability testing. Experience testing (UX) and usability testing serve two different fields of action for the optimization of your app.

“Usability” is the way a product can be used by users to achieve certain goals. Usability testing aims to find out to what extent the design is easy to use and whether the operation is understandable.

“User Experience”
is the functional perception of the product. An important component of user experience tests is the observation of movements and emotions as well as the additional questioning of the user.

3. define test stories

Comparable values are needed for effective analysis of the testings. For this reason, the test persons are assigned various short “test tasks”. For example, for a marketplace app: “Are you looking for a city bike below the price limit of CHF 200?
To do: Write down 4-6 clearly formulated tasks.

4. prepare test guide & test protocol

No testing without a plan. The test script is the guideline with which the moderator accompanies the test subject step by step through the tasks, while the observing person already notes observations in the test protocol.
To do: Create a document for test guidelines and protocol.

5. define and recruit test subjects

The test persons must be the future users of the product. For example, an app for migraines cannot be evaluated by someone who has never experienced migraine attacks. For barrier-free products, testing with people with disabilities is therefore indispensable. You will receive valuable tips.
To do: Recruit test persons via appropriate service providers. Access to people with disabilities is best obtained through specific associations.

6. test documentation

Record the testing on video whenever possible. In order to be able to pass on the findings of your testing to internal stakeholders or your design or development team in a comprehensible way, we recommend that you arrange the documentation by test story. In an introduction, briefly describe the general conditions of the testing.
To do: Prepare video setup

May we support you?

Have fun trying it out and good luck with your testings. If you would like us to support you in the analysis and optimization of your digital touchpoints, please contact us without obligation. Our team will be happy to assist you in preparing and carrying out remote user testing for your app or website.

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  • Analysis and reporting
  • Design implementation of the improvements

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