Needs analysis for a mobile health app

The customer and the challenge

ProPharma Systems AG is one of the leading providers of B2B IT systems in the pharmaceutical industry. The “ProPharma” software is used in over 800 Swiss pharmacies and drugstores as an industry ERP system and as an important interface between the doctor, the patient and the pharmacy.

Based on this data and interfaces, a new digital service is to be created for the pharmacists, which they can use to digitise and expand customer loyalty or new customer acquisition. So that the new product is not shaped by the pharmacists’ wishes, but rather focuses on the end user and his or her needs, a service design process was chosen as the approach.

Service design process

With the aim of developing a user-centric product, a clear separation was made for the needs analysis between business customer and user. A set of hypotheses and features in potential user stories was formulated as the basis for a quantitative survey. These were clustered according to topics, which provided a foundation when drawing up the interview guide with standardised questions.

For each topic cluster, the most relevant user stories were reformulated into questions that highlight the added value of the corresponding feature. This made it relatively easy to determine the needs of the user group. Over two phases, 1400 end customers were canvassed both at the POS and online using a quantitative survey. The data obtained was evaluated according to personas and their benefit perspective and extrapolated into a corresponding recommendation for user-centric features

Analyse & ideation

The smartphone was chosen as the basis for the new service. Based on the insights gained, it was possible to draw up the first UX concepts for a mobile app. Using wireframe prototypes, the first customer feedback relating to the mobile experience and product acceptance can be collected by means of qualitative usability tests. On this basis, the app can then be developed iteratively into a user-centric service.

Added value for ProPharma

  • End user needs are recognised
  • Unnecessary app features are avoided
  • Clear mobile strategy
  • Clickable prototype for user surveys

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