Inclusive design for standing touchscreen displays in public spaces

The customer and the challenge

As the largest provider of public transport in Switzerland, SBB transports more than 1.25 million passengers a day and is constantly working on its vision of “Mobility of the Future”. A central part of the service is the processing and communication of customer information in a manner that is appropriate for the context and target group. This includes, above all, error reports and connection information.

As part of the digital transformation, SBB is taking a further step in the digitisation of train stations and would like to provide its customers with interactive travel information at the stations on oversized touchscreen displays. The project raises a few questions: How can a customer information system with touchscreen functionality be user-centric, and, most importantly, also set up for people with disabilities? What does an ergonomic interface look like for this screen size, and which functions and technologies make sense?

Ergonomic experience

During the first stage, observations were made and surveys carried out so that the basic customer needs could be taken into account and all project steps aligned with these.

In order to be able to test basic interaction gestures, qualitative ergonomics tests were performed on the oversized interface with schematic representations. The insights gained formed the basis for an iterative creation process for all interaction elements and high-fidelity prototypes.

Usability testing for people with disabilities

The entire design process for the interface was set up to be agile. Each individual feature was implemented separately in its own prototype and tested with the corresponding user group in a laboratory setting. This way made it possible to ensure that the needs of wheelchair users and people with impaired vision or hearing were also met.

Added value for SBB

  • A customer information system that complies with the Disability Equality Act (BehiG)
  • Validated insights for touchscreen customer systems
  • User-centric customer information terminal

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