Process analysis of
app development in medical clinics

The customer and the challenge

The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is at the cutting edge of research and a leader in basic medical care and state-of-the-art medicine. Issues of digitisation are also becoming increasingly relevant. In order to simplify aspects of their processes, a large number of internal service providers are increasingly relying on new technologies, and especially on the development of mobile apps.

The following question thus arises: How should the internal process for new app technologies be designed in order to enable organisational learning?

Service design process

The future scenario was to make it possible to maintain a uniform app identity and prevent resources from being used for non-user-validated app ideas. The security risk that arises from uncoordinated app development within the context of student projects was also to be eliminated.

Using a large-scale series of interviews involving semi-standardised interviews, a valuable database was able to be created. In order to analyse the current situation in detail and evaluate potential for optimisation, we spoke to doctors, researchers and IT managers as well as current app owners.

The interviews were transcribed and documented, and the evaluation was carried out using spider web and axial coding. The spider webs were used to compare the actual and the target state, and the axial coding, to understand relevant phenomena. Based on these findings, an initial service concept that can be implemented step by step in the existing clinic structures was rapidly sketched out. Each step is provisionally implemented as a service prototype and transferred to a test phase before it is finally rolled out.

Added value for the University Hospital Zurich

  • Mobile strategy
  • Source code of all app projects in-house
  • Uniform app identity and mobile experience
  • New app projects build on existing knowledge
  • Hospital staff focus on core competencies

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